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Generally, appearance is viewed as just a concession conceded to the non-custodial parent of any offspring of the family. The ordinary appearance grants by the family court in many U.S. states comprises of exchanging ends of the week and some occasions (consistently adding up to four days a month unless the parent permits an expansion in shared child rearing time).

However, the child, at or around the age of 13, contingent upon the state, may choose in which parent's home to live without government impedance.

Guardians (and in a few wards grandparents) regularly consider that they have a privilege to appearance or get to; notwithstanding, courts in a few nations have utilized the subjective arrangement of the best advantages of the youngster to deny parental or stupendous parental access to the kids. This is for the most part build up in situations when guardianship of the child(ren) is dubious and there is a background marked by obstruction with appearance. In such high clash cases, there are frequently assertion of youngster mishandle and additionally abusive behavior at home.

In high clash cases, appearance might be regulated by a social specialist, therapist, watchman promotion litem, or other outsider while the noncustodial parent visits with the youngster.

Numerous non custodial guardians have appearance arranges that permit the kid to visit with them with no supervision. These visits frequently happen far from the custodial living arrangement. Regularly the non custodial parent is allowed overnight appearance, end of the week appearance, or excursion appearance.

Guardians may likewise share authority and may consent to allow appearance. In these circumstances a court request may not be craved, however some of the time it is acquired to hinder later question about what the guardians had beforehand consented to, and to permit the courts to have some oversight over the kids (which they typically have under statute and under the guardians patriae control).

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