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Shepard Broad Law Center

Established 1974
School type Private
Parent endowment US$47.6 million
Dean Athornia Steele
Location Davie, Florida, USA
Enrollment 927
Faculty 185
USNWR ranking Tier 4
Bar pass rate 86.1% (July 09)
Annual tuition $32,107

Shepard Broad Law Center, founded in 1974, is the law school of Nova Southeastern University. It is also usually referred to as Nova Southeastern Law School. The Law Center is housed in Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall, located on Nova Southeastern University's main campus in Davie, Florida & is named following Shepard Broad. The Law Center hosts over 1,000 students in together its day and evening programs. There is a full time faculty of 50, in addition to 65 adjuncts, many of whom are local judges. The Law Center is accredited by the American Bar Association.

Mission Statement and Values

To make certain that students develop the awareness, skills, and values that are at the heart of becoming trusted, extremely adept, professional lawyers who are appreciated for serving clients, their communities, and justice.

We believe and model:

  • respect for the law and the importance of lawyers in a free society
  • equitable access to education
  • diversity of background and viewpoint
  • excellence in teaching that serves the students and their learning needs
  • high standards of ethics and professionalism
  • evolution of the competencies lawyers need in an ever-changing world
  • support of successful entry and advancement in the bar and other professions
  • assumption of leadership roles and service to the community

Admissions & Employment Statistics

Official data from the American Bar Association describes Shepard as a private school with a student/faculty ratio of 14.1:1, requiring 90 credit hours to graduate. The median LSAT score is 149 for full-time students and 147 for part-time students. The median GPA is 3.26 for full-time students and 3.03 for part-time students. J.D. Attrition for 1Ls is 22.7%.

Nova's pass rate for first-time takers of the Bar exam is 86.2%, significantly advanced than the statewide average of 74%. Nine months after graduation, 82.1% of students are employed, 14% are unemployed, and 3.7% are pursuing graduate degrees.

Employment Profile 2008

* Private Practice – 68%
* Government – 10%
* Business- 9.6%
* Public Interest – 7.2%
* Judicial Clerk- 3.4%
* Academic- 1.4%

About the program

Nova Southeastern Law School's full time tuition is currently $31,172. In addition, the school offers a part time program. Over 1,000 students were enrolled as of 2009. The incoming class is typically around 330 students.


The Law Center is ranked as a fourth tier school, by US News & World Report.


The Law Center is ranked 16th most diverse school by US News & World Report, a Top Five Law School for Hispanic Students (by Hispanic Outlook for Higher Education), a Top Ten (by Hispanic Business), 8th in Hispanic JDs, and 43rd in African American JDs.


All students are requisite to purchase a notebook computer for use in their legal education. Nearly all exams taken by students are done so via their notebook computers.

Programs -

Juris Doctor Program

The curriculum for a Juris Doctor degree not only includes conventional legal theories such as contracts, criminal law, torts, civil procedure, and property, but also provides an emphasis on clinical programs and practice. The Critical Skills Program was implemented in order to boost law school and bar exam taking skills. The Lawyering Skills and Values program was implemented in order to give students coverage to relevant skills lawyers use in the everyday practice of law.

Master's of Science in Education Law

The M.S.E.D.L Program is a two-year, master’s degree program meant for the non-lawyer. It is designed for education professionals. It involves teaching the skills necessary to effectively identify, understand and deal with the intricate set of legal issues that can arise in the education system today. It revolves around federal legislation such as FERPA, IDEA, HIPAA, and No Child Left Behind and the interrelationship between theory and practice.

Master's of Science in Health Law

The M.S.H.L program is meant for the non lawyer. The two-year master's degree program is catered toward health care practitioners, administrators, members of the insurance and managed care industries, public policy advocates, and others involved in health care. The program studies the issues, processes and concepts that decide the framework and function of American health care law. The program is taught by experts in the interrelationships of the practice of law and professional health care, and it is strongly focused on the important role of the law in health care delivery, regulation, management and public policy.

Master's of Science in Employment Law

NSU Law’s two- year, 30 credit Master of Science in Employment Law program teaches non-lawyer business and human resource professionals skills necessary to effectively identify, understand and deal with the intricate set of legal issues that arise in their field. The employer-employee relationship has been regulated to varying degrees for the past numerous decades, but nothing has matched the quantity of regulations that employers face in today’s market. With the establishment of laws regulating wages and benefits, mandating occupational safety, prohibiting discrimination and harassment, requiring time off for medical purposes, establishing bargaining units and unions, and defining workplace privacy, the human resource expert is constantly confronted with regulations that control many, if not most of the decisions made regarding employees. With the ever increasing use of technology in the workplace, and employees becoming increasingly more aware of their legal rights regarding employment, it is becoming essential that business and human resource professionals have some basic understanding of labor and employment law. The faith that business and human resources professionals require more exposure to and knowledge of, laws regulating the workplace has provided the impetus for the creation of a Master of Science in Employment Law program (M.S. Employment Law) at the Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center. The program is planned to meet the needs of business and human resource professionals who are non-lawyers seeking a basic understanding of labor and employment law.

Joint Degree Programs

Through parnerships with other graduate schools at Nova Southeastern, manifold graduate degrees can be obtained in an accelerated amount of time. The following joint degrees are available through the Law Center:

* Business or Public Administration - J.D./MBA program
* Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences—J.D./M.S. in Computer and Information Science fields of study
* Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences— J.D./M.S. or Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution
* Department of Urban and Regional Planning - J.D./M.U.R.P

International Programs

"The Shepard Broad Law Center has signed an agreement with Universita “Ca Foscari” di Venezia in Venice, Italy to create a dual degree program from which students will obtain degrees from NSU and the University of Venice. NSU law students will study for a semester in Venice after completing a year of study at NSU and then return to Italy after they graduate from NSU to spend another year to complete their Italian law degree." The Law Center has also newly created a dual degree program with the University of Barcelona in Spain. This dual degree will enable practice wherever within the European Union, Latin America, and the United States.

The American and Caribbean Law Initiative (“ACLI”) is a collaborative project of four Caribbean and four American law schools. In the Caribbean, the participating institutions are Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica, Eugene Dupuch Law School in the Bahamas, Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and the Faculty of Law at the University of West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. In the United States, the participating law schools are Florida Coastal University School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida, Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C., Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall Law School in Houston, Texas.

Student organizations

The Law Center has an active student life. Traditional events include "Family and Friends Day", "Diversity Day" and the "Barristar's Ball." There is many honor organizations such as Law Review, the Moot Court Society, the ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law, the Jessup International Law Moot Court Team, and the International Citator and Research Project. In addition there are numerous clubs including American Constitution Society, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, Black Law Students Association, Caribbean Law Students Association, Celtic American Society, Christian Legal Society, Criminal Law Society, Environmental Law Society, Federal Bar Association, Federalist Society, Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Hispanic Law Student Association, Italian American Law Students Association, International Law Students Association, Jewish Law Students Association, National Security and Law Society, Public Interest Law Society Student Chapter, Sports & Entertainment Law Society, Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, and the legal fraternity Phi Alpha Delta.

Goodwin Lecture Series

Shepard Broad hosts a yearly lecture series dealing with a plethora of topics in the law. Each lecture series focuses on one general topic, with the invited speakers choosing for themselves how their lecture will involve the series' general focus. Notable speakers include Anita Hill, Catherine McKinnon, Deanell Reece Tacha, Nadine Strossen, Timothy O'Brien, Drew Days, Nina Totenberg, Ira Glasser, Lisa Scottoline, Jean Bertrand Aristide, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Barrett Seaman, Gretchen Morgenson, Aulana Peters, and Issac Hunt. The series is named for university founder Leo Goodwin, Sr. and paid for by an endowment through The Goodwin Foundation.

List of Past and Presents SBLC Deans

Ovid Lewis, J.D.
Roger Abrams, J.D.
Joseph Harbaugh, J.D.
Athornia Steele, J.D. (2008–Present)

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