Friday March 24 , 2017

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Research Shows Which States are The Most Saturated with Law School Graduates

The glut of law school graduates is nothing new, and is a very real threat facing the legal industry, but new data provided by attorney and ...


Civil rights leader, minister Will Campbell dead at 88

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The Rev. Will Campbell, a white minister who drew acclaim for his involvement in the civil rights movement, has died at the age of 88.

Fox News


LAW PROFESSOR: Here's What Clarence Thomas Got Wrong About Affirmative Action At Yale

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and law professor Kevin Brown are both black graduates of Yale Law School during the affirmative ...

San Francisco Chronicle


The Absolute Worst States for Job Hunting Law School Grads

Oversupply of law school graduates by state. The darker the shade of red, the worse the surplus. Nevada, Wyoming, and Alaska technically ...

The Atlantic


Supreme Court upholds Maryland law, says police may take DNA samples from arrestees

A divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that police may take DNA samples when booking those arrested for serious crimes, narrowly upholding ...

Washington Post


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