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Michael DelSignore is a Rhode Island DUI defense lawyer committed to providing a vigorous defense for anyone charged with a Rhode Island DUI, refusal to submit to a breathalyzer or other criminal offense. Attorney DelSignore can be reached immediately at 401–465–1611. When you call Attorney DelSignore, he will explain what will occur in court, the potential license consequences of conviction and will evaluate the strength of the State's case against you in order to avoid a conviction for DUI or refusing to submit to a breathalyzer.

In Rhode Island there are two types of DUI cases those where the driver refused the breathalyzer and those where the driver submitted to the chemical test. Both types of cases are winnable; however a DUI and refusal case proceeds in different ways. In Rhode Island, a driver that refuses a breathalyzer will face a separate charge at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal for refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test along with a charge at the district court for DUI. If a motorist takes a breathalyzer and fails, they will be charged solely with a DUI in the Rhode Island district court.

Attorney DelSignore has successful defended many charged DUI cases, including

  • Breathalyzer refusals
  • Cases with failed breathalyzer test results
  • DUI cases involving car accidents

Do not assume that your case cannot be won. If you took the breathalyzer and blew over the legal limit, your case may be defensible on the basis of the margin of error, failure of the police to properly conduct the waiting period and inability of the police to demonstrate that the police informed you of your rights prior to making you take the breathalyzer test. Attorney DelSignore will explain each of these defenses and every other avenue of defense that will lead to an acquittal of your Rhode Island DUI charge. In some Rhode Island DUI arrests, Attorney DelSignore is able to reduce the charge from a DUI to a lesser motor vehicle offense, such as reckless driving.

DUI charges in Rhode Island can be defended on a number of grounds, by challenging the basis of the stop, the reliability of the field sobriety tests and the unfair manner in which the officer arrived at the opinion that you were driving under the influence. Call Attorney DelSignore an experienced RI DUI lawyer and let him help prepare your defense and save your drivers license.

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