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WaySearch 501 North Walker Avenue #110
73102 Oklahoma City
Oklahoma USA
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Contact Person: Bob Wyatt
Phone: (405) 234-5500‎

Oklahoma Civil & Business Litigation
Bob Wyatt, Trial Lawyer & Attorney

We defend the rights of our clients. The Wyatt Law Office in Oklahoma City provides legal advice and representation in criminal investigations, plea negotiations, trials and appeals. We use only experienced attorneys in our law firm; therefore, you can trust the advice of your lawyers. (See Summary of Services below).

Business, Civil and Criminal Litigation. Because of the demand for our services outside of the criminal law arena, we are now representing clients in serious civil litigation such as bet-the-company actions, bad faith insurance claims, serious personal injury and wrongful death, professional licensing issues (for doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, funeral directors, insurance agents, and other regulated parties), civil rights, qui tam, whistle-blower actions, False Claims Act cases, and other matters that might involve the loss of one's fortune, freedom or life or involve serious matters of public welfare, public reform, protection of our democratic way of life and protection of our government's resources.

Practice Areas

General Criminal Law
Antitrust Crimes
Asset Seizure & Forfeiture
Appeals & Other Extraordinary Criminal Actions
Arrest & Bail
Computer Crimes
Cyber Crimes
Cyber Sex Crimes
Expungement of Criminal Record & VPOs
Drugs & Narcotics (possession, manufacture,
delivery, distribution)
DUI & DWI (drinking & driving under the influence
or while intoxicated)
Federal Criminal Law
Fraud Crimes
Gambling & Gaming Crimes
Grand Jury Investigations (federal, state, and multi-county)
Homicide & Violent Crimes
(murder, manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping,
stalking, assault & battery, shaken baby,
VPO & VPO Defense)
Internet Crimes
Mortgage Fraud & Predatory Lending
Post Conviction Relief & Habeas Corpus
Public Corruption & Bribery Crimes (Federal & State)
Sex & Pornography Crimes (rape, child porn, indecent
exposure, lewd molestation, traveling, enticement,
sexual communications, etc)
Theft Crimes (larceny, burglary, robbery and embezzlement)
Weapons & Firearms Violations
White Collar Crime (mail and wire fraud, tax crimes,
embezzlement, securities fraud, bribery, counterfeiting,
computer crimes, forgery)

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Top Quality!
The team here produces absolutely fantastic service which are forward thinking, top quality and amaze me every single time.

Professional, informative and swift service are essential when I am working with legal business. Again, the team fulfill all these points and provide even more. I am happy to be a continued Subscriber...

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